Happy Dot Day!

(cross-post from my class blog)

Today, we celebrated International Dot Day! Dot Day is a day where we celebrate creativity, collaboration, and courage!

We started by reading The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds.

While reading, we paused to discuss some of the themes we were noticing in the book. One that jumped out at us the most was courage. We talked about how Vasti encourages the boy at the art show to draw his squiggle and how we can encourage our friends to try new things, too!

We moved on to put ‘The Dot’ into action! As a class, we collaborated and let our creative juices flow to make these beautiful pieces of art. Each student started by drawing one dot on their page. Every 45 seconds, the students rotated seats and added to their peers drawings until they returned back to their original dot. Finally, just like Vasti, they signed the bottom of their page (with our class name; 2A or 2B).

We hope to continue celebrating creativity, collaboration, and courage throughout the whole school year!

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