Lianna is an elementary school teacher in Ottawa.¬†Throughout her childhood and adolescent years, she did competitive dance which led her to become a dance teacher. She has been teaching dancers of all ages since 2009. Lianna has also worked at a summer camp since 2010 as a dance teacher, supervisor, section head, as well as part of the administration team, leading staff development and overseeing camper care. Lianna’s interest and passion for teaching has stemmed from her experiences teaching dance and working at summer camp.

Lianna completed her Bachelor of Education at the University of Ottawa in the spring of 2017 and started working (known as ‘Morah Lianna’) at the Ottawa Jewish Community School in the following fall.


5 Fun Facts from Morah Lianna
1. I love to dance! I have been dancing since I was 3 years old and I will never stop!
2. I drink more coffee than water (or any other drink).
3. My favourite places to sing are in the shower and in the car.
4. I know how to eat a cupcake with the perfect ratio of cake and frosting in every bite.
5. I am beyond obsessed with the colour turquoise.