Here we go…

In 2015 I met the most amazing professor, Michelle Hagerman. She encouraged us to create digital hubs for our professional learning through the Bachelor of Education program at the University of Ottawa. While many of my colleagues saw this as just an extra “thing” we had to do as an assignment, I really enjoyed dabbling in the art of blogging. I definitely did not keep up with it after I completed my B.Ed; even though I kept telling myself I would pick it back up after my long ‘digital hub hiatus’.

This year, a cohort of teachers at my school had the opportunity to work with Silvia Tolisano (known online as langwitches). With all of the excitement and innovation that surrounded blogging, student blogfolios, teacher digital portfolios, etc., I felt inspired! I waited all school year for the “right time” to start my teacher blogfolio/digital portfolio… but it seemed like it never came (until now!!).

After spending 3 days in Boston for the Building Learning Communities Conference with my OJCS team, I am ready to dive in! I want to thank you for joining me on this (messy) journey as I learn how to blog (regularly) and document my learning.

4 thoughts on “Here we go…

  1. Lianna,
    Welcome to the edubloggersphere! Adding your blog to me RSS feed to be able to follow your journey. Can’t wait to read your learning journey!

  2. Way to jump in, take the risk, and lead by example Lianna with two n’s. Boston definitely has inspired me to keep up with mine as well. The grade 2 class are lucky to have such an innovative teacher learning along with them this year. Enjoy the rest of the summer.

  3. Wonderful to see you here! You’ve always been a thinker, an inspiration, and a you have a platform to share outward beyond us lucky people who collaborate with you in person. The world is your classroom and colleagues. Congratulations and welcome to the BoS world!!!

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