It’s been 2 full days since I got home from the BLC Conference in Boston and I am still trying to digest all of the information and incredible learning that was going on.

While I may not have a beautiful, synthesized, and comprehensive post about all that I have learned and all that I will be doing with the tools and resources from the conference, I do think it’s important to share a few of my thoughts and takeaways from the week right now. (after all, I did say this would be a messy journey into blogging… bear with me!)

  1. Silvia Tolisano’s session on Digital Portfolios and Documenting Learning has completely inspired me. Why else would I be starting to write this blog post at midnight?
  2. Tracy Cox shared “My Favourite No'” during her session on Failing to Learn. I love that the teacher picks a “no” to go over with the class in order to help everyone learn from mistakes and receive immediate feedback. Mistakes = Information!
  3. 19 year old Shaya Zarkesh blew my mind with his PolyUp keynote. Not only is this an app that I will most definitely be playing with over the summer (in order to use it with my Grade 2 class this year), his keynote was so incredibly inspiring.
    Highlight – the 6 pillars of a good learning environment:
  4. Paul Emerich France’s session on The Paradox of Personalized Learning has changed the way I integrate technology in the classroom. He shared 4 questions to ask before using technology; Will it… Minimize complexity? Maximize humanity? Enhance connection? Reimagine learning?
  5. My last takeaway for tonight (and quite possibly the best takeaway of the whole conference) was the learning community that I built. I connected with so many educators in person and online from this conference. I look forward to continuing to stay globally connected and collaborate with them… WE LEARN BETTER TOGETHER!
    I curated a collection of tweets from the conference if you’re curious about what other educators shared as their takeaways.

While I continue to digest, think about, and develop the ideas and information from Building Learning Communities, I am excited to dive into my next PD summer reading book; Lost At School. Stay tuned!


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  1. Thanks for introducing me to Tracy Cox’s “Favourite No.” I love how she puts into action Abdul Kalam’s idea of NO as Next Opportunity and it goes so beautifully with his idea of FAIL as First Attempt In Learning, that has become a mantra amongst my Grade 1 students.

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